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Honey Bee population decline

Honey bee populations have drastically declined in the last few decades.  This is significant since Honey bees pollinate over 80 percent of all plants and trees on Earth.  Also, there are certain crops that will not exist without them, such as coffee, almonds, and avocados are just a few to name.

      If you decide to help our mission to increase hives with expanding hives and colonies, we could use it and so can the bees. We practice animal-friendly values and always use natural methods as much as possible.  With your help, you can feel satisfied you are investing in our environment and a nice tax write-off for you and your family. You will receive a receipt for amount of donation as well as business name, for your records.

     Donations are welcomed, but not required. If you decide,You can donate via PayPal at or reach out if any other method is desired!

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